Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Murdoch is the Voice of the GOP
and is Blocking the Recovery.
Think about it when you look at your Stock Portfolio.

Murdoch is the one that has caused it to TANK.
The master of propaganda!
The One thing people are missing is - Murdoch is the Voice of the GOP and HE HAS THE BIGGEST AUDIENCE. He is the Master of Propaganda.
" Murdoch is the one that is BLOCKING THE RECOVERY.
Have you ever seen him say - THINGS WILL GET BETTER? Things will improve if Murdoch would only say - THINGS WILL GET BETTER."
" Murdoch the voice of the GOP 2012 - Keeping Millions Out of Work,
to put One Man out of a job. "
" It is NOT what they say, but HOW they say it.
PLEASE, the next time any of Murdochs empire reports GOOD NEWS - Let me know what it is - LVKen7@Gmail.com
They Spin ALL News to BAD. "
" Let me give you an example. In the ONLINE Version of the WSJ if they can make it BAD they give you the ENTIRE ARTICLE for FREE.
Why the Jobs Plan Falls Short
Instead of temporary tax breaks and more spending, we need permanent tax incentives, development of our energy resources, and entitlement reform - is all free.
But if they can not spin it to BAD,
they give you the first 2 paragraphs, and make you pay for the rest.
" It makes a BIG Difference in WHO reports.
Murdochs WSJ and FOX will report anything - BAD.
So, don't believe ANYTHING they Report."
"We ALL hear Murdoch ALL of the time.
WSJ, FOX News, GOP BS, From GOP Sheep and Parrots, From Lazy Media. Murdoch's GOAL is to Ruin Obama, and to do it, HE WILL RUIN THE WORLD. "
" Alec Baldwin's joke about Murdoch on the Emmy award show
See. I keep telling you how Powerful Murdoch is.
The GOP does NOT believe in FREE Speech."
"It doesn't matter WHAT THE BILL REALLY SAYS.
ALL that matters is HOW Murdochs Empire reports it.
The WSJ calls it - Buffet's Tax.
Which means - the GOP will refer to it like that.
Murdoch is the VOICE of the GOP, with World Wide REACH.
Nobody in History EVER had that. "
 Murdoch is the ONE That Blocks the recovery, and causes Uncertainty.
"Look at the WSJ online and Fox News
There it tells everyone what to think, and do.
ALL Negative. What have YOU ever heard from the GOP that did NOT originate with Murdochs Empire? "
"is Perry on Murdoch's payroll?
Palin is - Newt is - O'Reilly - Hannity - Rove
Charles Krauthammer - Fred Barnes
Who else? "
Have YOU ever heard anything from Murdochs empire that is Optimistic? Murdoch is the Voice of the GOP, and the rest of the LAZY Media follow his lead.
" What Obama does NOT get is
Murdoch is the enemy. Murdoch is the one BLOCKING THE RECOVERY. Murdoch is the VOICE of the GOP. "
" Wall Street makes decisions based on
What the WSJ prints.

If You’re not careful,
Murdoch will have YOU hating Obama,
and loving hIs Empire - WSJ and FOX.
If Obama Fails, America Fails. "
"If you DOUBT how Sneaky Murdoch is - Look at the WSJ - ""Elizabeth Warren and the Blessings of Government
If the state stuck to public goods like roads, police and education, we might feel better about paying our taxes.""
On their website - If it is GOOD NEWS - They give you 2 paragraphs and make you PAY for the REST.
If they can Spin it to BAD - they give you the entire article. "
" The people of the WORLD are MISINFORMED.
on the Economy. "
" There are 2 problems - 1. Most don't realize that MURDOCH IS THE ENEMY - WSJ and FOX are the Voice of the GOP, and their ONLY GOAL is to Make Obama look bad.
2. Our Side is NOT Organized.
The GOP side is 24/7 BAD BAD BAD"
Everything changed the day MURDOCH took over the WSJ. He is the Voice of the GOP, and wants to END Public Education.
" MURDOCH'S GOP Marching Orders - When News is Good for Obama -
" On Monday, Dec 13, 2010 This ad ran in the WSJ A9
""Dow Jones and the WSJ will Never be the same."" Rupert Murdoch, Dec 13 2007

And he was RIGHT,

The WORLD will Never be the Same, or as good as it once was.
" A benevolent Leader wants ONLY GOOD for ALL.

Obama wants HCare for ALL.
What does Murdoch want?
I'll expand it - Obama wants - Consumer Protection of ALL
What does Murdoch want? "
" Murdoch is the VOICE OF THE GOP.
NOW it is EASY to follow GOP BS
it is in the WSJ and ON FOX.
I don't think he lies, but he can SPIN and GOOD NEWS to BAD. "

Ken Jarvis - LVKen7@Gmail.com Author of - The Most POWERFUL Person, in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. On Facebook - On Twitter

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